92M - Mortuary Affairs Specialist

Want to make sure it's actually realistic than doing the field, our the goal of the 92 mic. The moisture affairs specialist is to bring the fallen home to their families. These soldiers, you know they've taken on probably, you know, one of those honorable jobs you can do out there. Then, you know, they see the honor and the professionalism behind if it's.

One of the few in militias military that you can just quit in the middle training without questions. Being asked, they'll, reassigned you to another MLS. Because it's not for everybody, everybody can handle it. We process everybody army, Marines, Navy, Air, Force, DOD, civilian contractors, local Nationals.

Everybody needs to test their water, make sure they can drink out of their Camelback. Well me getting this image, personally, wasn't, my first choice, but it was a job that need to be done. Whenever they said, hey, he wanted this job I can handle. If I was in here be sat down there slider mains out here for the photos. They bring them back here to once I saw my.

First remains, and they told us like in your lip it's, actually, truly about making sure that these people these are families that they get the loved ones back, you know, it's a hard job for us. But in the day it's worth it individuals are identified to include patrons of that home. Be careful. We don't have a way to decontaminate contaminant human remains. And so this is all a test working to eventually be able to feel this equipment.

Biggest cases like here I made, uh, they don't know, we're, not. You're going to be able to get that wedding band back to the end that'll be a big issue right there, because they don't know if they can clean it here, the medical examiner, essentially you charge. What is going to happen when to raise from there? The process that is written, everybody got number. And this ain't for everybody talk to people if you have an issue with what you have seen everybody's got a number. You might make it through AIT, just fine might make it to your first appointment, just fine. But.

One day something you haven't, you need to be comfortable talking to somebody find that pride and gets to you ain't, no room for that pride, just to talk to somebody if you have an issue, you.