●Saiu Temporada 20! Novos Eventos Do Calendário 👁 Atualização Arena Last Day On Earth

Good so stay tuned. I said, nothing with dad video here for The, Last, Day channel and guys came out update. This is a beating 20 man got everyone there right? It's off guard. Ok, let's click here. So we can wait for what came in this new pa difference. So that we can't stay the school model that was showing up there in the wardrobe.

Of course, I came out there. The new left people are already using it. There also leave it in the comments. What. Do you think about this? One skin for that comments and let's see.

The priest and pass that spirit, Ah, ok, beauty. Beauty. Comet.

You found about your infinite boxes. Ah, ah, bro, God and four, I'm, four, cool, and you're. The beauty is TV, energetic fishing rod, sir guys, POR Why, please, where time here, Pedro Branch in Path's. Secret is probably working. So it doesn't take 14 anymore. Here there are fleas in you don't know how to do it Join.

The group 70 bugs, doesn't, take 21, sure very good or piece as of the TV now see the bold the batteries here, infinity box as business that. Serious one why bring this What tape takes the pick? Ok, Kiss, beauty, It's, right there. It looks like it offers you a certain decoration for the base, how to see what else we have around here original parts are here you saw in Kratts more Estate, beauty and more.

We have invader clothes here in the free part, complete there, Even the weapon there, too beauty, I liked it. But not the motorcycle parts to complete the motorcycle in the free, part, right, it's good to put it this one for which Our grenades. Place These boxes here are also good motorcycle model to model. Samurai cool, right? Recycled sameness there with another color. And here, the infinity box Let's see that a lot of stuff came out.

The daily bonus is week lab shows end of laboratory week, Arena Tudor, 33 fishing, tournament, community, let's, see, if here with two daily is, ok, then Look at the air bonus is back this. One let's get our technique, TNA Fossa and air box here. Best Ali beauty. This one is going to be the weekend event of the laboratory. Damn human, the cut that has two days in another Then man, increase it and fifty percent take advantage of it guys for you to get the complete laboratory done everything for you to release the protocol. Yesterday me I made the protocol activated, It's paid, ok.

Cause giving this one is the Boss easier than having easy good. Ok. Now, we're going to do it live then I'll, see if the buy one, ok, let's, check this here in the arena, has changed now five days or the part that now takes here, oh boy, can't. You see. The modification machete anger, my God it's interesting that the only thing I liked was original pieces from now on it's, good, ok. Let's. See how this Spider works is a fishing tournament, still going release the 6th of March.

The community already knows it's, the ninth right? And. Let's. See this here, click here store is good for us.

Every ten Caracas love Just, waiting for us to buy something here. The beauty it gives So let's, check car. I want you to have seen it? All let's go out let's do our homework first. I'm there, let me buy this part here. Ok, Now I'm going to make the purchase here for us to pick up and do the missions, Premium, Teresa, that's. What I always say, please, the season folder, always it's worth it.

If you're interested in buying let's, buy this one or with a weaker one here, beauty Success has already been made the purchase of this season pass. We won here. So these first Rewards are already gone. There were the twins' weapons. Let's. Go put a new costume, here, right, We won, now let's, put it. Here, bring a schoolgirl model, okay, Caracas, So here it is, OK, Let me see how you got with this backpack.

When is it cool that this backpack for later, I'm going to take one out, Let me put it here for take a print, So yes, You can see it right. Let me choose another backpack here to go down, it's. This one hear, hear, it is, let's, see if I think it was nicer, right? Put. Some the schoolgirl thing, right?

Stick There are several times that it's cool. Let's do this one you come let's, just decide this. Backpack here can't, take it cool give the one with the one with the skull here we're not leaving with the one with the skull here. Oh, beauty. Let's.

Go see these missions, so it's, ok, Let's, go and look at that guys. It finally appeared right. Bro. This map I'm, not even surprised. But now it's, a test of your strength.

Courage is a fight for the strongest species. Ok, apparently that's. All you have here to check it How to click here again, there's Alice's bonus points, scheme. Already got the one that the. Laboratory Arena fishing tournament, hasn't come out yet and there's. Nothing like this apparent score.

So let's go from this event here that we can get some normal weapons here. And we see how the babies are too If. You could also see if it was possible to make High Priest on this map here, let's enter it. First right, And, here's, the weapons to buy event, right? Rewards, I, don't want with to stop he's.

Not at a party. He doesn't want to buy the car is weakness, PSS cause thirty percent. What I? Wow, what I told. You about Christmas season because I, don't know, I said, it was she was going to have to damn. If I didn't say, what she wants is just like this one here I said, bro, I, think it will still be like the one at Christmas.

And there were those three zombies there that we had to make him his brass. He just remembered the name came just like Billy brutal, and it's, super, oh, Lucy. Crazy, level, a complete set of Armor derived from if the invader reduces this percent. There was a bug here. Guys Oh to customize. Here to see if there will be this one from a buggy, he was here, ok, Boy now I'm going to have to hunt some bugs here, probably late Alex, I already, held it.

There, If, you have researched then I, bring it to you, I wanted to have the first moment to move the motorcycle here inside the to move the motorcycle, the bug at the time we had before, and we would put the motorcycle back here. Ok, saying, I, don't know if it's going to work, right, we can't even pass it on, The map is also different from the. Christmas map, right, There were a handful of things that we put in I, don't know if it's going to work, this here is not pleasing But, that's. Okay. Then. We test some of its bugs.

Here, let's, see the event, first, right, then, we'll see that. And then I'll have plenty of time to test the parks, here, I. Hope, so. Let's, see how it works.

This is another box for him to be able to buy I. Don't want beauty. Let's put it here, fight, right, let's, find out about the melee weapon. And you can put some water here. Life.

Huh, And. Then let me test here. Some things that he's getting right.

We don't have to stop beauty. Ok. Then we'll do his mining here in a very good way, then I'm going I'm going to test some stools that outfit. Doesn't work, never rips off a little of the clothes.

Ok, Is. This one of us doing it giving, We don't give it to us, tearing off a little of the clothes. Let's, see it pulls off a little of the clothes? Ok, So. Be careful this.

Here is not interesting to hit the're, ok, and he's going to. Fill up in life as he's here, he's also breaking, oh, so it's. My little annoyance this from here O Bate is close by oh let's.

Go put it all come here. Beauty, he's. Good. Ok. Now only this is it's going to stay releasing these brega.net here, how to get here Look at the face that she gets of something that hits the and circulates the way here I'm seeing So in her bring it there?

It goes here on the Katina I think it's going to be fine here. I think it's going to go make sure to do it with the melee. Weapon, he's going to be filling his life and releasing this tacky, That's, it, we're going to bring more here. Beauty, Look, He turns the pa you're taking a little also giving him, right, every outfit, tried still, dude, ball, you're. No problem lets's do inhalation in Glock. Here, come here, It's, taking a lot of time, Huh?

Bro, beauty, Dora, girl, it's, 250 points. No six What is it. And we got it here it's from the season. Ok. Now we fulfilled the season's score, very good How to put here. The Hey then I'll. Get you these items here, how to eliminate the others here right? Then nice, two let's, go to J ferocious animals of the genus because they cause thirty percent more damage in Caracas.

So that one you'll have to be using weapons from Genesis mentioned You, saw that one business with the tinnitus tearing off a lot of clothes. Ok, let's, put this weapon here. Ok, let's. See how this zombie here is going to be like.

He already brings little friends from Gray, the one behind little friends that will get in the way. For church it's, just that it's weak inherent to life every thing that zombies here you can see he leaves, he fills his life with zombies and I hope that here is son has become light, ok? And where are you taking it? There is still not attacking us.

I hope. It is because he's waiting for the little guys. There, Look, Take it, Take it, Take it Is. He's going to fill life, right, the fire in him. And the Katina broke I'm here, looking for the cane it's, a good car, apparently it's easy here, it's grateful that me. Find a bug too he's going to get better he's from spectator fly there clothes already run here. He already eliminates them.

I think he can't. Let him get the zombie there. He didn't fill his life, bring it.

So you can't leave him alone because I just hit him right. But in front of this zombie you'll, be more over Paula, right, you'll, be sure you'll be believing I'm cool in the hard losing. We're going to have a little more hassle, right, look, So that's, it, let's make me in the . It is made to.

Source a we got a point fact, also right so that's it here now we're going to the other one here we're going to do the lighting here for Lucy right? Lucy set AK-47 gives a giving its more considerable. It's. You Let's put this here that I think or explain a bit of annoyance that not continue here with Ah ok, Where are you crazy?

Lucy, By, the way, you're, crazy, Will. She starts giving us away for now. It's good, let's, see if she has a special attack, but zombies are left. They have a lot of life, right. Guys, it's, the hardest, there, isn't any, ok, to say, it's, more difficult, I, don't have a special attack, Dude, be careful, that's, right, huh, it's, a hit kill here.

I didn't, like it, I don't think I hope, not, beauty, Oops Stop being my life I'm going to wait there to hit a blow like that on me that she can see if I'm believing it, ok, put another weapon here, put this beauty, Toby Now hit the saw Let's play 12 let the guy let's put this weapon here to burn it click again, their bro. So I can see if it. Works Dana It's, just the two of us for what I was left with Mar and take it, there's going to be one more shout there Come on, let's, see it just paralyzes we're just so I.

Finished Chan here from start is very easy l, right this event here. And there are these other ways. The one who got the rewards. Everything is, ok, So. In this case here, I'm going to paste the paw that I'm going to test some bugs here. Beauty, And, apparently, that's.

All there is here for now there's, a TV VIP area that I was no longer an. Ipe and now it's gone to acquire more videos, right? So that's, it, let me paste silver here beauty now, so I've already pasted paste, too, I, didn't, even need to update the paste. Now it's paste it's, still the same let's.

See there isn't any news here at the gas station is expensive for the model here, for those who want to see the 20th, Season, it's already out here, awarding. The caps were nothing, right it's here sometimes I, don't know if I believe it hasn't, changed, nothing has changed I'll. Bring it, let's see here at VIP area, I'll go there at the deliveries to see if there are some boxes there for delivery, ok, lets roulette here, VIP area. And if something is lucky, the pot 25 is desert better than 30 rations, right? Man, I've been giving you luck. Lately.

Here Let's see if there's anything new to buy, we don't go to Porto to see if there are any changes there in deliveries, and We arrived here at the port of Galena, I, also hope that something comes here, right? But it doesn't hurt to look it's. From really nothing came there beauty.

So if you get to the end through this video here already sign up welcome here, to the notifications. So you don't, miss any news beauty to remember that there is advanced Farm of points I'll record about that too Beauty, subscribe there and don't, miss any video I'll, bring it soon if I find any bugs there in that area, good hugs and Hey, Hey.