Detyme Prelude To Reggie Eldridge @Sacred Sounds 12-17-2011

Yah, yah, yeah, ah, here we go. Okay. Come to it come to a new edition dance. All right? Go ahead. Reggie, go to a phone.

Um, that was supposed to go much more smoothly, oh I out of sync and , oh, I, can't think I'm in to do something this piece right here. Wow, date. Their high school on the building it's almost been 10 years since I, and you still can't see what is right before your eyes it's cozy inside, but it's raining outside. And when the blood from the street starts to seep through your door, your windows. Are closed, but it soaks up your floors. What will you do when the nine? No more?

You can this death. This phenomenal war for centuries. These chains have been locked in our minds promising freedom, concealing the lies misguiding, the people by muffling, the cries of the suffering masses, pulling the wool over your eyes.

So when the towers came tumbling, you stood there surprised that the whole world was hurting, and you never realized. But when the lines were drawn, he stayed silent is she and our children. Couldn't think because we drugged them to sleep and change their curriculum taught them, not to be critical of oil and bankers and corporate criminals. Drug companies were greater revenues and some entire nations, but yet cancer and aids are still destroying our civilizations. It means are paying to be kept sick. Instead of learning to heal. We need to stop being polite and start getting real.

What reality TV has us too numb to feel and to dumbness squeal when they cut into our flesh and bone. Distracting us all for a nominal fee. Malcolm said, it plain. And you still can't see that slavery has passed, but it never left just change its form to a press more efficiently. Now, it's a well-oiled machine fed by the struggles of the meek, the gap between rich and poor has never been greater. In fact, at the top 1% own land, air and sea and squeeze the middle class until their struggle to be, and they use fear to rule you, but it's fear. Your master you go to church on Sunday to hear the words of your.

Pastor but go right back on Monday to your corporate cell, and you think you're in heaven, but you're living in hell, see all along we've been warned, but the veil has stayed down. We are born. We work we go into the ground and feed up our futures to our feudal.

Lords are sheriffs of Nottingham I, shared wood. Forest is filled with the hungry who are so desperate to eat. They mortgage their lives for a chance to compete with contrary to belief.

Life is no competition. Every person has the right to exist use. Your intuition follow your spirit. Reclaim your perspective, take some time with the silence and find that pain is reflective estate.

Remember, it's people. They were built to be free, but it gives way to evil when the people can't see. So listen close to that little voice inside you. If you can't hear that voice, look to the person next to you and ask them if this is what Jesus meant when he taught us how to love. And if this is what Martin meant when he said, we should be the change. You wish to see.

But I was actually Gandhi who said that, so I'm reminding that if this is what Gandhi meant when he said, we should be the change. You wish to see you all are being so silent it's, just so weird tonight, that's, not respect, you guys, can you guys can respond like during the poem? You don't have to just look at me, I mean, energy, it feels like a really odd dream I've been out of tempo a long time, I finish Chicago. And sometimes this is so beautiful I feel like maybe I'm dreaming this.

So if you guys just sit. There and stare at me, I will believe that I am still dreaming. If you go to the Greenville I, did yes.

So it's not over yet. If this is what Gandhi meant when he said, we should be the change you wish to see. And if this is what Martin meant when he said in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends as we fall by their side and the dreaming ends and the dark gets our eyes, and it's storming outside. But we can't see the walls made of American pride, my brothers.

And sisters are dying. The whole world is at stake, but there's a fortune to be made and making sure you're not awake making you believe that you're different when to them, you're all the same from a bomber in Gaza to a hacker and Ukraine from a student in Tampa to a factory worker in Bahrain. We are all merely pawns in their phenomenal game. And let it just fall where they may just don't be surprised when the consequences coming. And you still can't see, what is right before your eyes it's, cozy inside. But is raining outside, but when the blood Street starts to seep through your door, your windows are closed, but it soaks up your floors, tell me what will you do when deny no more you can this death is phenomenal, slam series, I didn't.

Want to do that. Yeah, I have one half of your host ET. My name is Reggie Eldridge, where is I behalf? Easy? Damn right now? Happy 8th in , hey, let's, go in a different stick.

My face in this place. But see this is it breaks that ain't sometimes.