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Hello, crypto lovers are you looking to buy some cryptocurrency and wondering? What is Ethereum? No need to worry anymore? Today, we will discuss a complete guide about Ethereum in a very easy way. So welcome to crypto flash before we continue. Please take a brief moment, go down and smash the like button.

And if you want to keep growing your wealth, go to subscribe button and connect with us. Okay, guys in this video, we will discuss everything about the most popular digital technology, Ethereum, but let's. See what Ethereum brings for newbies Ethereum is a decentralized computer network that uses ether ETH cryptocurrency in order to conduct transfers and execute smart contracts, it's an entire ecosystem where people can build pretty much anything from custom tokens non-fungible, tokens NFTs and complicated, decentralized applications apps that works seamlessly using smart contracts. It sounds very technical, but it's actually very easy to understand. So what are smart contracts? The Ethereum blockchain.

Is built up in such a way that transactions can take place only when certain conditions are satisfied, the rules that govern, these conditions are referred to as smart contracts. It is a core part of Ethereum. As an example, consider a vending machine. If Peter wants to buy a candy bar from a vending machine, he must have enough money to do. So he won't receive his candy bar if he doesn't have enough money. Thus, this transaction smart contract may look like this.

If Peter enters one dollar in the vending. Machine the machine will give him a candy bar. Once the contract is written, it cannot be changed. That is why they are called trustless transactions.

You don't have to trust anyone on the network. If the contract's conditions aren't met it won't happen. Another important part of Ethereum is damps, decentralized apps apps are applications that do not depend on a traditional central server to function.

Instead. They use a blockchain to decentralize their server dabs are significant to Ethereum's design and. Ethos, therefore, Ethereum's developers, encourage people to learn about it and build money on it Ethereum features, its own computer language called solidity apps are built with salinity. It is similar to JavaScript encourages developers to create new and innovative apps. These decentralized apps may soon compete with or replace centralized apps in industries, such as social networking e-commerce, email and online banking.

Thus, the possibilities for developing apps on Ethereum's blockchain are. Limitless so what is blockchain technology is a system that keeps public transactional records also known as blocks in multiple databases known as the chain in a network connected by peer-to-peer nodes this type of storage is often referred to as a digital ledger. Every transaction in this ledger is approved by the owner's digital signature, which authenticates the transaction and prevents it from being tampered with as a result. The information contained in the digital ledger. Is extremely secure a peer-to-peer computer process. Blockchain mining is used to secure and verify bitcoin transactions mining involves blockchain miners who add bitcoin transaction data to bitcoin's global public ledger of past transactions in the ledgers blocks are secured by blockchain miners and are connected to each other forming a chain.

So what is Ethereum going to do about it Ethereum offers a way to use the web's control without trusting apps like Facebook, google or your online bank. Along with your personal data, apps like Facebook and google collect your data and store the data of their millions of clients in servers. This means that client information is kept at a tiny number of locations. If one of these locations is hacked by some hackers we're all in huge trouble. How Ethereum works is by expelling, the need to trust lots of apps with private data.

It does this with a modern innovation, decentralization using blockchain technology. How does Ethereum work let's see ether is the. Currency of Ethereum, in some cases, the two are confused, but it's easier to keep in mind that Ethereum is the system and ether is its modern currency.

If you need to get anything done on the system, you'll require a little ether ether fills the Ethereum system, and it's regularly referred to as gas for this reason each exchange on Ethereum needs a certain amount of gas to induce the work done the Ethereum versus bitcoin address regularly, accompanies the address of what is Ethereum and how it works as. People regularly compare ether to bitcoin allow us to take a minute to clarify. The most differences bitcoin is computerized cash. Its blockchain allows manual peer-to-peer exchanges of advanced cash. For example, if Peter needs to pay Paul 10 bitcoin to paint his house without employing a bank, he can utilize bitcoin. It looks like this.

Peter sends 10 bitcoin to Paul ether. Alright, going back to what is Ethereum and its currency is ether is computerized fuel for the shrewd automated contracts. Of the Ethereum network, if Peter needs to pay Paul 10, ether ETH to paint his house, he can use an Ethereum savvy contract.

The exchange would be like this if Paul paints Peter's house at that point, they will send 10 ether ETH to Paul. So as you'll see ether can be utilized similar to bitcoin. The only distinction is that peter won't pay. Paul with shrewd contract innovation until Paul has painted Peter's house.

Paul would not get paid if he did not paint Peter's house. So he can't deceive the same. System can utilize direct exchanges of all kinds from emails to how a company pays its staff.

Wait a minute, please click, the subscribe button to get an alarm for more updates. And do you have any questions so far tell us in the comment below we will respond to you as soon as possible. Do you know what Ethereum mining is if not let's discuss the answer in both bitcoin and Ethereum modern cash is made by a process called mining nodes? And a blockchain must confirm exchanges. The nodes are compensated. With modern cash, for example, an Ethereum node called a miner is remunerated with a new ether.

This is called mining since it is comparable to gold or diamond mining, rather than burrowing in the ground, though the miners are confirming transactions. Hence, mining, ether is called proof of work, pow mining, because the node should show that it has done the work, confirmed and the exchanges to get its ether to compensate. The awful thing about proof of work. Pow mining is that it is so much computing power. Making it costly and terrible for the planet.

So now you have a clear idea about what is Ethereum money. What is Ethereum storage, ether, doesn't, take off the Ethereum blockchain. So it isn't, physically, stored anyplace, therefore, if you need to utilize Ethereum you'll require a wallet, some time called an Ethereum address, your Ethereum wallet would not contain any ether, but it'll contain the codes required to access it. These codes are called private keys. Imagine if you lose your private keys, you. Lose your ether so choosing a great wallet is exceptionally important.

There are four fundamental types of wallets, accessible hardware, wallets hardware, wallets are physical storage devices like USB sticks. The record NATO says is one of the more expensive hardware wallets. And it offers secure offline key storage desktop wallets store your public and private keys. Specifically on your computer. This option uses a secret word that you mustn't lose it. Moreover, takes up a lot of space on your gadget. We.

Suggest utilizing the exodus desktop wallet web wallets, you can store your private keys. Online an example of this is often the Coinbase wallet. However, these are the least safe type of wallets. And we don't recommend using them to store any amounts of ether that you cannot bear to lose paper. Wallets paper, wallets are the most old-fashioned storage option. They are just pieces of paper and your access codes are composed on them. They cannot be hacked, but you need to keep in mind where you put them if.

A wallet is associated with the web. It is called hot storage. If it isn't associated with the web it's called cold storage when putting away private keys, it's recommended that you use a combination of both hot and cold wallets for the greatest security, presently you have a lovely clear idea of what is Ethereum storage and which wallet to select where to buy Ethereum you'll purchase ether from three fundamental sources, brokerage are coin trades like Coinbase, which purchase and offer ether for an. Expense they are basic to use, but may often be somewhat costly you'll use them to purchase ether together with your fiat cash using a debit card or with a bank, transfer exchange platforms like seek show interface the buyer and the seller in trade by using a broker. This can be what dealers use to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. For example, purchasing ether with bitcoin or selling any old cryptocurrency for Litecoin. Finally, peer-to-peer platforms like local Ethereum permit buyers and.

Sellers to contact each other directly to arrange costs. This option is riskier than the other two as you're, exchanging directly with somebody you don't know, there's, no broker. So you don't pay any expenses, and you can pay to utilize cash as well. What is Ethereum doing now? Many apps are being made on Ethereum's blockchain and a gathering pledge called an initial coin. Offering ICO is being utilized to pay for them.

So learning what Ethereum is doing now is pretty easy, initial coin. Offerings, icon. Permit developers to offer the idea of their item to pay for its creation, it's like Kickstarter, but for apps, what is Ethereum going to be doing in the future? Imagine all the diverse exchanges in everyday life, buying or selling a car leasing, a flat putting a bet on the world cup. Last they all include trusting strangers with your cash and your data Ethereum solves this issue, which suggests it has lots of potential for the long run.

So now you not only understand what Ethereum is, but also how it. Works presently imagine a world where smart contracts and apps, consequently, direct the exchanges and advances while saving all records online forever. Pretty cool. If after watching this video, you've decided that you'd really like to buy a little ether, you can do buy it using reliable, crypto exchange, platforms Coinbase or simplex are two of the superior examples on Coinbase you'll have to enroll and confirm your identity before you'll make any purchases or deals do.

So the process are fundamental and. Or may be fast to do. And after that buy ether through your desired payment method with simplex things are as a rule going to be even quicker and smoother, essentially enter the amount of ether that you need to buy your car data.

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