Franco Sarto Leather Ankle Boots W/ Side Zipper - Skylar With Jane Treacy

So quickly we do something called a jump start. This is already so popular from the preview. We decided to do just a little sneak peek. So this is on four easy payments of 32 dollars and twenty-five cents. And here are your beautiful colors. We have this in the stunning Bordeaux.

This is medium with five through 11, half sizes as well, that's medium through 10 and then with all half sizes. And then we have size eleven as well. Then you have it in your Navy. We have it in a beautiful deep brown. And the. Elegant black. And so if someone meets you for the first time, Johnston and here's that you work, and you work so closely with Franco Sarto and said, what is his design all about?

How would you describe? Franco Sarto, I will describe like Franco Sarto like modern like, but still like a very sellable like a very variable is nothing like where you came by today. And after two months, you look at like I'm, it's too much about like something like this too much. And another element is very important alike from. Franco it's a comfy on the shoes, always like he really pay a lot of passion of everything it's about like the defeating. And when you look the shoes like this, one, the data for clunkers very involved I like a dismal zipper outside with the gold I think it's really nice. And even like, it can give you like a little some extra room, but you still like feel very cool.

So that I think is what a very significant in to mix it like whatever like a can help you to wear like one booty like all day. But are you keep like a cool looking? And this I feel like is one of my favorite, oh it's, a beautiful boot. So again, this is our jump start we're already very busy over 400 of you have already dialed in for this gorgeous booty. It is a 268 701. And again, we are going to check in with Franco throughout this one-hour special of a very exciting addition of shoe shopping with James I just love.

It I, love it. You son so Jonathan. This is one of you I think are you allowed to play favorites with Brenda's are. To thread across the sentry let's say, like we are on the same page, most of the time. So I think it's. Okay.

So I mean, it's amazing to me to know, Franco's history. And Franco Sarto really.