House Doesn't Want To Treat This Patient | House M.d.

How old are you 60. You're lying that's, not the point have you never seen Dustin's creek, and you've never seen an after-school special. How do you look to your age and not know about condoms? I have a SDD, yeah, you're, actually, the first one today lucky day, well, not for you, but you have to feel good for everyone else. It's chlamydia as bad news goes it's about the best, oh settle down, it's, treatable, it's, actually curable. All you have to do is take these pills. Don't touch me, oh god.

I need someone to cover. A patient house you committed, she was raped. I think I'm the right doctor for her. You've assigned another doctor to your care.

I didn't mean to upset. Dr, house. He knows that that's, not why we're doing this. I like to keep being treated by him. Why just do well, trust me, it's better. If you deal with somebody who specializes I'm, fine, you told doctor house, it's been less than a week.

You haven't told anyone other than him, emotionally, you're, still, you know what I'm dealing with, you know, what I'm going. Through no, you think, Dr, house do I'm. Not suggesting either one of us be your doctor. Dr, stone is a psychiatrist. Dr, house is too busy.

I could wait. What do you want me? I don't know, I don't want to treat you're just saying that so see the psychiatrist true, except for the word just I'm saying, I don't want to treat you, so you'll, see the psychiatrist. And because I don't want to treat you, why don't you want to treat me anymore?

I never wanted to treat you the fact that you were raped holds no. Interest for me, it's, nothing, personal there's, nothing to treat you're, physically healthy. Okay. But I want you to be my doctor. Why I don't know you could have a reason everything has a reason I trust you. I see that's a bad reason, it's, not a lie to you, I'll, tell you anything just to get you out of here.

I don't care. Furthermore, I want to talk to you. Look. You were raped all control was taken away from you, you're trying to find that control again.

You want me because I don't want you I'm raping you in a very non-. Invasive more annoying than trouble, get the hell out of here, send in. Dr, stone, how long has stone get in with her are you concerned? You know, how many people get raped every day? So it's, common, therefore, boring, if we were to care about every person suffering on the planet, life would shut down. How about just the ones we need?

They deserve our sympathy more than the other people. So your solution is not to give a damn about any of them. How do you do that? How do you take that theory? What happened pills?.

Benzos we need to get her stomach pumped respiration, shallow what'd. She says, nothing that would make her want a pizza. Regular did she say to you nothing? I gave her a couple sedatives turned around.

She grabbed the whole body. You must have said, something I said, plenty, she said, nothing. I was with her for over an hour. She didn't say, one word, you going to do that again, you're going to be okay, physically, which is all that interests you're here under orders. How would you tell me that? So I don't like. Hypocrisy, but you don't have a problem with cruelty, which brings us back to why do you want me?

I don't know you tried to kill yourself, because you couldn't talk to me, you must have a reason why does there always have to be a reason can't? We just talk here's, a phone talk to a friend family member call the police. She wants to talk about the weather.

Talk about the weather. She wants normalcy. She wants to feel like the world didn't end, right, I'll, tell her that everything went on without her babies.We're born people got married thousands of people will remember the day she got raped as the happiest day of their life. You might not want to phrase it quite that way you need to get her to talk about what happened.

No, he doesn't pretend it didn't happen wrong. Pretending this didn't happen is the best thing she could possibly do she's got to make this real. You know, we should be trying to make real a process. The few decent moments in our lives, not the crap, maybe you're, right, except there's. No. Way she can pretend this didn't happen.

So she has no choice. But to process it, you got to tell me what happened? You don't really want to hear sure I do you're lying.

This doesn't have to destroy your life. No it. Doesn't mean, anything about you. It wasn't your fault. I know you did nothing wrong. Some jerk hurt.

You that's, all I know, you're worried that you can never trust men again. No statistically, there was always a chance. This could happen. The fact that it did happen.

Doesn't change anything the world. Doesn't suck any more today than it did yesterday. I know all that. Well, then what do you want me to tell you nothing? I just want to talk about nothing if we talk about nothing, nothing will change. I might how time changes. Everything that's, what people say it's, not true doing things changes things, not doing things believes things exactly as they were.