How I Got Into Notre Dame (Stats, Gpa, Extracurriculars, And Advice)

Hey, what's up guys, it's Jordan back at it again with another video. Now today, I wanted to make a video on my stats extracurriculars and some advice when applying to college because I know, the college application season is coming around very quickly. I believe the deadlines for early action. An early decision is November 1st, which is in about a month.

So I just wanted to make this video to share my experience from last year applying to school. And just to give you guys some advice. So if you're looking.

Forward to watching this video, make sure to subscribe to see more content like this now, getting right into it let's start off with GPA and app scores. So at my school for GPA, we did not do unweighted GPA is only weighted Gas. So that means if you got an A and I fully weighted class that would be a 5.0 on a 4.0 scale. If you got an A and a half weighted class that would be a 4.5 on a 4.0 scale.

So coming in making the transition from eighth grade to freshman year, I didn't really know what to expect I. Didn't want to take too many hard classes. Just the time management I feel like I did not have great time management back then that's. Why I only started off with one-half weighted class, I believe it was like honors biology, or something like that I ended up getting all A's for the year and finished with a four point. One GPA moving into sophomore year, I, ramped. It up a little I.

Believe I took one half weighted class in one fully weighted class. I believe that fully weighted class was AP Human. Geography which I did get a 5 on the national exam, I ended up getting all A's I believe again for my sophomore year and I finished with a 4.2 GPA moving into junior year. I ended up taking three fully full weight classes.

I believe I'd be physics, AP biology. And there was one more. It might have been like Spanish that might have been half weighted at that point. It was not any. Furthermore, it was fully weighted I.

Don't. Remember, okay, I ended up finishing with a little finishing with a 4.4 GPA for my junior year. I. Ended up getting a 4 on the national exam for AP biology really should have been a 5, but that's.

Alright, senior year. I took app statistics and IB Spanish. As some of my classes I did not take the National exam for app statistics. So I don't have a score to give you guys and what's cool at my high school.

We could take IB classes without actually being in the IB Diploma program, which was nice. So I got to like I said, IB, physics and IB Spanish for some of those classes that I took for standardized. Testing I only took the AC T and SAT one time. Each if possible I would recommend taking them at least two times each I know, some people that took it three times each even just. So you can get that super score and do the best that you can, I ended up getting a 34 on my SAT, whoa, that's, not accurate 34 on my CT and a 1430 on my SAT. When applying to colleges I, actually only submitted my a CT because it was like higher when you like compared the two scores or whatever, so I ended up only submitting my.

A CT and I actually asked a couple of the guys in the dorm, what their SAT and AC t-- scores were, and the average for the SAT was a 1510, and the average for the CT was a thirty-five point two. So those are they all did better than me for the most part so that's that for reference, if you wanted to know the good part is at for the trend that I have seen schools are trying to rely less on these standardized testing scores. So if you have a not-so-good test score it's, not the end-all be-all, but if.Also, if you have a perfect a perfect test score it's, not guaranteed, admission, I know someone who got a perfect on there a CT. But yet was denied from some of these top schools. Some of my extracurriculars I was involved in football.

As a freshman I was a four-year member of the varsity lacrosse team at my high school I was a member of Club Med as which you can guess is a club for students interested in the medical field or medical school later on in life. So we did different activities. Like suturing during the meetings, and we also had guest speakers come in and talk to us just about what it's like to be in the medical field today. In addition, I was a member of champions together champions. Together is a club that helps to teach and play sports with students with disabilities. And we help raise money for Special Olympics, which is pretty cool.

We did events like the Polar Plunge. We did a bonce ball tournament, a swim relay that all helped to raise money for Special Olympics. Now, Something unique about me, and the way that my mom taught me to look at the college. Admissions process is if you're at a dinner table with 20 or 30 people that all the same test score is very similar extracurriculars as you what makes you stand out from the crowd. And the thing for me was that I'm, actually a make-a-wish kid. So that's, actually what I wrote my main college essay on was being a make-a-wish kid in just my journey throughout life, battling I, a condition known as a plastic anemia. And.

Just the challenges that that has brought me throughout my life and I actually had the opportunity earlier this year to be a guest speaker at the make-a-wish gala in downtown Indianapolis to help raise money for the make-a-wish Foundation I've done multiple events with the make-a-wish Foundation that include guest speaking appearing on the radio and just going to different events to try and help raise money understand why you want to go to a particular school do they have a good pre-law program. Or a pre-med program or something about that school that really stands out to you and interest you in what you want to do with your life. And if you don't know, what you want to do that is perfectly.

Okay, I already know, people that have changed their majors, and we're only a month into school here. So it's, definitely, okay. If you don't know what you want to do, but understand why you would want to go to a particular school and make sure you let that school know in your essay, how are youbeing going to use. The school's resources to your advantage to help you reach your goals, and what you want to do in your life. In my case, the culture of family and community here at Notre Dame is something that has really stood out to me just speaking with current students and alumni. You get that sense of community.

They always ask you, you know, what door are you in or what dorm were you in if there are alumni? So just that sense, they still feel tied to the school and that's something that really stuck out to me and. Is one of the main reasons that I applied to Notre Dame in the first place, another piece of advice, don't worry, if your school doesn't offer a lot, or if any AP classes when applying to colleges colleges colleges, just want to see that you are taking the hardest course load that you can while still maintaining a healthy balance between work school and life. You know, social activities if you're involved in sports actually clearly, correct extracurriculars and stuff like that. So it's, okay, if your. School doesn't offer any AP classes at all the college's just want to see that you're taking the hardest course so that you can go on visits it's, a great way to get on campus.

You could potentially meet the person that's going to be actually reading your application essay or your application in general, some schools have that information on their website. And you could probably reach out for me for Notre Dame. We had college visits. So the representative would come to our school and talk to us. So I actually got to meet Mr. Chris Perkins who actually read my application and hopefully not hopefully, thankfully, he liked it. And you know now I'm here, but just establishing that relationship early on I feel like is very beneficial also going on visits. You can get a true sense of what the campus is like I would recommend if possible going on visits during the school year.

So you can truly be immersed in that schools culture and what it's all about. And then you can make the decision for yourself. Is this something that I want to be a part of maybe not, and you can decide from there. I, remember, my freshman year of high school.

We came up to Notre Dame for a lacrosse tournament and I. Remember turning to the dad's that was one of the dads I was chaperoning and saying, I'm going to come here one day. So it's, just something about Notre Dame that stuck out to me. And as clich as it sounds you're, going to find the right school, and it's going to feel like the right school when you get to campus when you. Find that one and for me, it was that freshman year experience coming up here being on campus. I just knew right away.

This is where I want to be in four years. There was just something so unique and so special about it that really stuck out to me letters of recommendation, definitely find a teacher or an administrator that you have a strong relationship with because these are the people that are going to be able to write the best essays for you. The best are going to be able to write the best letters of. Recommendation for you and truly be your advocate in this college application process. In addition, if the school that you're applying to allow for more letters of recommendation from outside sources, such as coaches or life coaches, or anyone else like that then I would certainly take advantage of that. My final piece of advice is to dream big.

My mom always tells me if your dreams don't scare, you're, not big enough, and I've, truly taken that to heart. It can be very intimidating trying to apply. To some of these top schools, but just because it's hard, doesn't mean, you shouldn't, try yeah, that's. What I've got, so I wish you all the best of luck in your college application process.

And if you guys have any questions for me feel free to reach out in the comments or follow my Instagram, and you can DM me, and I'll, try and get back to as many as I. Can it takes real courage and strength. This Travis in the video to never give the make-a-wish Foundation is so special, because they bring light into. People's lives, it might not have enough, and it can be the real reason. My kid chooses to keep fighting rather than to give up to know that something positive is coming out of the opportunist I know that there are kids whose lives were cut short, a terrible illness, who did not get a chance to experience a traumatic of a wish or Who am I to tell their story. So tonight I think that I'm here, representing all the kids who are not able to be here tonight with your gifts knees, or it Makes A Wish is my. Hope, the markings are able to keep fighting and make the decision, not to give up and share their story, just like I got to share.