Hyundai Santa Fe Front Right Left Strut Shock Removal And Replacement 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Hi guys, welcome back to water mechanics. Today, we are going to show you how to replace the stepped on a Hyundai Santa Fe. This one is a 2007 model, but it should be the same from the 2006 7, all the way to 11 I think. And we purchased this one it's being hit a little here on the forum. Tenets vendor, strap as you can see right there and that's, the time it's a little sideways. So today we are going to show you how to remove the strut assembly and how to replace the shock absorber as well. So what.

You need to do anything the dialog right now and no Center gets time. We have the video helped to prevent tires from getting stuck on the wheel hub. Hope you guys first thing that we need to do as you can see our this band right here. We need to remove that link right here that connects to the strut. So this nut is 17 millimeters. Then you need to take that one off all the way, and you might need to use a little deeper, soft, tip sheet. And you don't see, they start spinning freely.

You can put a wrench. On the back, so you can hold it and prevent it from spilling. And now we need to get a price bar, and you need to put some pressure there. So that way the link will be released. Oh, can you pull it out of the hole? When you let go? Okay, just be careful with the pipeline I better, not to beta, or then the brake line.

Next you need to pull the ABS cable out of the holder on that start, hi there. So you just pull it to the side, make sure you don't, forget, it later to put it on otherwise. We will wrap on the tag. And it will damage the wire next thing we need to remove these two bolts, right here. The nuts, all the way on this side there with 19 millimeter sockets and on the back side there with 17 millimeters, then you need to call them because they use is that I can just take them off those Dog really rusty.

You need to spray them with PB blaster or wd-40 that way they will come. We haven't seen that much just yet and now carefully tap them, but don't damage. The ball is to move it out.

Okay, you can see it. Comes out, and now you can get an extension of a small screwdriver, and you just cap it, and it needs to come out. You should also really tight feed that way you will not have flying in the front end homes there as you can see, it's a special fault. And then you need to remove the top one as well. Okay. And now the second one comes out of there.

And now the whole hub will move out, but be careful now not to play the brake line or the ABS sensor as well. So now, if you want, you can just put a wire and. Tighten it somewhere. So it doesn't hang like that. Now we need to open the hidden right here. You have three bolts with 14 millimeters. So you need to remove all three of them, but be careful because the scenario for after you remove the last one.

So one person needs to be holding the last one. And as you can see, the spirit is free. Now, all we have to do is just pull it out now. Okay, you can see it comes in an angle like that.

And this is the third duster, the same guy, that's, how you remove it. And you can. See how always been hearing it's supposed to be straight. So that was the only problem pretty much with the suspension. Wise.

Those are building those Center face, they're, pretty nice vehicles. And now if you buy the start assembly, you just put it back together, the same way we took it apart. But in reverse order, we also have the video how to replace the spur, the spring can install it on the new strut. So we have the video on our channel find it in the description below.

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