Isekai Shokudou Reaction Episode 7 – Curry Rice/Chicken Curry (異世界食堂)

What's up guys Oliver back here with another anime reaction, I'm, sorry, it's a bit later than usual. I have a busy day of work. And I also had a dentist's appointment so lets without further ado let's, just jump straight into restaurant to another world, episode 7, Carrie rice and chicken, Carrie, hmm, here's. This gentleman, hmm wonder. What that was about me? Guess I'll soon find out restaurants are another world. We saw haven't seen them.

I. Want to sit can't, wait to see them. I, receive I'm soon. Well, I want. Those creatures are they look like berries and restarting. The one on the right on the left either here's that girl .

So he's, a sailor I. Take it nice mountain, I'll, either Admiralty, our goal, no button. But he miraculously survives who found out that is Wow that's because our team I was about leave restaurant. I. Take it.

Well, that's a lot of marks on the wall. He certainly has been that long time to edge and become gray that is hmm. So maybe hear them in the same world as that guy that possible. Three months later, okay, oh yes, find the door. Yeah.

Come on patience as in all patients, you'll get your Chi. There you go. We can try tomorrow that looks really pleasant.

Actually, this show brings a smile to my face. Each day it's on its way kicked on fool he's, definitely hungry just to be if stomach grumbling carry things like it with all This mocks she's. A Clarion man, come on I. Can't have another fight on our hands. There's truly is food Wars.

They don't worry because they argue over the best dish every. Time Oh dragon time another dragon, sir, it seems like it are we talking about the red dragon? What is this a bazaar or maybe more like fairy tale chaos of the many? Tentacles a thousand years took a thousand years male eh. She has a kind heart, I'll, take your point, sighs space and to try and find the door to the restaurant isn't. She and turn into a nice human sort of figure. Yeah.

What does he look like? You see the girl from the other thing chicken curry, well, it's chicken. You yeah, That's cause you direct yourself before but carry on through the right drop. It is she did say of a spicy, dude, come on . There.

You go that's how you do it that's, how you do , you , , , very good. Yes. It is I. Don't think that's, an else it's a dragon, not an elf I.

Guess he does kind of look like an elf, so I, can't spit. It out here. Furthermore, it is. Yes. Furthermore, it is Hey.

So is she the one that becomes some waitress as well? I think. So because he looks like a girl in. The opening so the other girl from the other Gain opening anyway, , you're having Asian competition, that's, three, , four, five, seven, oh, my goodness.

Ah, the other dragon red, the tastiest dish in this restaurant, huh? Chicken curry I thought. So curator start off the part. Yeah, though don't fire the cute one.

Thank you very much. But I just don't have both kind of see, but she's cuter that was another great episode of restaurant to another world and refine me the other waitress. Well, the. Other dragon that's, going become a waitress I, didn't know, she was going to be a dragon, though, even though she looks part elf as well, but awesome.

So she's, the black dragon the one of death. This makes sense and the other one is red, okay and there's more than what more than two because there's gold and green and blue as well. Wonderful, meet them at some point, I kind of hope star either in this season, or maybe if there's a second season, I, see that's so cute or mermaid.

Next time hamburger steak. Assorted cookies and no maid. Okay, okay. So that's. It was another episode I've wrestled to another world. Thank you for joining me.

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