Major League Baseball 2K10 (Mlb 2K10) Opus Trailer From 2K Sports

Spring training baseball, preseason, hi, everybody, Gary, Thorne, John, Uruk, Steve, Phillips with you 2k sports yesterday, the angels picked up the win. They've been in control of this series now has to go 4 and 0 if they have a good outing here against Casey, but Gary. This is going to be some great summer baseball for these guys way out in front and looking very, very strong building on this. Terrific season, well, clubs on 7, out of their last 10 you keep that going in the course of the year, and you're in. Good shape, but you absolutely are and there's.

No reason to believe they can't. This team is a great team. Jimmy Rollins, looking to knock in a run here. I was coming off game. Last night we had two big hits and looks like he's starting to get locked in a little I'm Sana last game. He delivers ribs and that one a big part of their offensive contributions. Now the state farm leaderboard shows us some lineups that have really gotten into the swing of things during the past 10 games.

Number one, the. Twins, but 139, this team can absolutely found the baseball one in baseball slugging percentage time for our state from leaderboard look at the teams for the lowest her, a Americans number one, the Red Sox in second in third, the rangers for the last few weeks. Neither one of these teams are giving away free passes they're making you earned it against them and that's.

The way you have to pitch the RBI leaders. The last 10 games courtesy of State Farm, you check out Moreau. He leads the pack number one. Seems like they're not content with just stopping at first we need to get the second third or hey, let's just get it out of park. Our leaderboard on-base percentage over the last 10 game.

Hey, look at Rollins he's. Fourth on the list. Well, any time you have two of the league's fastest guys on the faces, you know, it's going to be an exciting game I'm taking a look through the National League let's, see where the Mets ranked right now first and batting average first in stolen bases, and they're. The. Number two team in home runs let's, look at Adrian Gonzalez's year this year. And what kind of season he's putting up it was first in triples third most in hits.

And you can tell he has that willingness to work. The count get on face rank in the top five in on-base percentage and here's, the Western Division standings on our state farm, standings board as we close in on the all-star break first spot the Cardinals it's, the Cubs in second let's check out the American League wild-card race brought to you. By State Farm we're here in the home, stretch of the season first week of September's it's, the Rockies, and first it's, the Giants. And second is what the Marlins schedule looks like in July series with San Francisco concluding today. And they head for a serious against the Rockies on the road against Todd Elton in that lineup at series bound to be competitive that gets underway on Friday night. Then they'll go up against the Orioles four division action team.

They rolled over last time out a lot of. Road games on the way fans look out for next Tuesday will be at Busch Stadium. The home of the st. Louis Cardinal, it'll, be Kevin Yokels and the Boston Red Sox. They play host to the Texas Ranger it'll, be a 6 p.m. start time looking forward to that one here that could be some kind of ballgame to tune into you.