May 2016 Crab Mount Final Fantasy Xi

Hello everybody, this is Kevin here from heavy beard games, your source for classic gaming goodness and regarding Final Fantasy, 11 have you ever wanted to ride one of those cute adorable, little blue, crabs, you see scuttling about well have I got a video for you? I know, sometimes they used to be pretty deadly, but still they're cute cuddly, little crabs, even though they have a duck past. But now with the mount system on Final Fantasy, 11, which is recently released just less than two months ago. I think.

Now, there's a new mount that you can get for your Final Fantasy, 11 character, and I'm going to show you what that's like what it looks like how to get it and the steps in between that process, yes. So we're going to figure out how to get the crab mount May thirteenth to May the 23rd Square Enix is allowing Final Fantasy. 11 past subscribers is our past subscribers.

So if you don't have the game, if you haven't subscribed this won't count for you, but for pastor subscribers who have had inactive, but. Still enabled accounts of Final Fantasy, 11, you can play for free for these 10 days and that's, what I'm doing right now. Now I did have a subscription last month. So it hasn't been that long for me, but for some people it may have been years. So you can actually return to final heist 11, even if it's been years, so I, keep an eye out for that.

If you want to play the game, you can download it from their website. This final things will have an official website, which I'll have a link to in the description. Below because what we're going to be doing today is we're going to be getting our points from the login campaign, which actually I've already gotten because I logged in yesterday, and I'm recording this today, and then we're going to get a new mount my second mount that I've got.

And that is the crab now it's a special mount that. You can, I think you can only get it through the login campaign if not it's the easiest way to get it right now, you pretty much just have to log in and turn it in. If you've done.Then out quest before.

So we've done the mount quest I have that on video it's on YouTube I'll have the link to that in the scrip of this video and links to it on the video. Now, remember the mouth system is a new feature. Only add it in the last couple of months. So this is a new thing we didn't have mounts before we had chooses. This is a little different it's, a mount system that you can also get a Chicago as part of your mount system.

The mount system is really easy, because when you're on the. Field all you do is go to your abilities, you click on mounts and choose your mount from the list of mounts. You can ride that mount anywhere outside a city, pretty much almost anywhere. Okay. So the first thing you want to do is log into the game click on your character from the title menu and log in, you will be rewarded during this campaign period with a certain amount of points.

Now on the first day that I logged in I got 500 points and that's, good that's, a lot of points on the next day I logged. In which was today, I got a hundred points and those points add up. So you can buy bangs, and you can get specific items from them for a specific Mughal in town, which I'll show you where that is in the winders town, I don't know, exactly where that is in San Doris or bass stock, but they're learning those towns as well in the winders' area. The greener move was located in winters walls next to the dog house entrance. Once you find the green removal, you will present you with a list of points based items.

So you have like ten up 10-point items under polite ups go down to the 500-point items list. This is where you will find a thing with a musical note, crab that's, actually what you need to get the crab mount, and it's quite simple. Once you know what to do with it an astral notebook and scribe with the sheet music on how to make a call appealing to a crab can be shown to Maui to-do, an eggplant, oh, so that kind of explain it a little to you. So you just buy it from the green removal using. Your login points, and then what you need to do next is head down over to Juneau. So once you're in Juneau, you head back to Matthew, today, Matthew to-do is a little Chicago wearing target harder, or she wears like a Chicago outfit.

You'll see, you'll, see, and she's the same person that if you did the mounts quest. This is the same person that use you the quest where you have the raptor. So you head down the steps, and you take a left, you go into the Chicago stables. You find map y to-do, not prove this.

Now you. Find mommy to-do and you trade. So you just like go to the menu when you click trade, we trade the musical note, crab item, and she'll talk to you, and she'll give you that trainers whistle register. So that way you'll be able to summon that as a mount. So now you will be able to write a crab now throughout your adventures than Final Fantasy, 11, alright, it was as simple as that guys just to get those login points, turn it in head over to Gino turn in that item.

And then you will get your mountain out in. The future if you get any more of those musical note with a monster name, those are all mount items. So you train any of those to map y to-do in Juneau and that's how you will get your mount so that's, how you basically we turn your mounts to get them acquired something you can use I'm going to be one. And here we go right into crab. Yeah, then I found out something fun. I, don't, that's, not really a secret or anything.

But if you hold down the circle button, which I'm using a PlayStation 2 controllers on. Windows, you can do like a sidewalk, and it looks pretty funny using the crab walk. So it's like a crab walk with ya it's like a real crab, huh? So that's it for the crab mount yes, pretty simple stuff. You know, maybe you're not an active subscriber right now or maybe there's something that you want to see that you remember from the past, but don't want to subscribe, and we do on your own. So possibly I could do it for you so stuff like that, you know, just any ideas, throw them out there, and I may or may not. Be able to get to them, but I'll, definitely take it into consideration.

Alright, guys. Thanks for watching final fast, 11 on happy beard games. And until next time, happy weird games. We'll, see you then happy odd games.