Middle School Student Group "Surface 71" Cleans Up Beaches | State Farm®

71% of the earth's surface is water, and only 1% of it is actually drinkable in our middle school. We really started to see that the water quality was getting worse. Everything was just kind of going downhill, and we saw that problem, and we wanted to do our best to fix it. Kids were noticing a lot of trash washing up, and that conversation spun into doing a project regarding ocean, plastics and marine health.

So we attend our foundation had been working with Stephanie Killings worth at Ken Austin middle. School and exploring new ways to engage her students in ocean, science research and education, if you're picking up a couple pieces of plastic you're, helping maybe one sea animal stay alive. We learned in depth about these things. They realize how big a issue they were the majority, but we're finding is household items and plastics. Even if it's in your recycle bin, it could come out, and it goes down the stream. And there it is in our waterways after we spoke with our teacher about starting service, 71. We then went to Palm Beach philanthropy tank, and we were awarded $12,000 I'm, very proud of our water, refill stations at our school, it's really cool like being able to walk by it.

It seemed like, you know, the number of how many bottles are saved there's a lot of moving components to doing something like this. And some of the big concepts that they got out of a project like this is going out into the community and raising awareness through different events. People need to know that they're not alone. And even one small change can lead to so much more I want to expand so 471 out of just West Palm, Beach, they're, not just sitting at home, and you know talking about it. They are doing something about it.