Naruto Amv - [ Dabz~Konichiwa ]

Huh, ticktock gunshots that's. What my shot to say every time I body drop eating these rappers like a croc, I'm a demigod, oh, I never stopped. Panamanian. West. Indian blood in my veins, . You know, I'm winning in I'm, a demigod rates with the blades Ares with the red knock you out.

My path don't, ask I'm, moving shot, a girl just do the math while I'm in the club while I'm smoking gas. This blood man, I never passed smoke. You up baby. Turn you in the ash lame passing me, , I, never let.

It never carries cash. on the credit I'm, a demigod, you just surprised say, hello to the money, konnichiwa, supermoon, cute water, konnichiwa, Steven, Oh, Trudy. Water. Konnichiwa look. I need you?

Uh. So you're, no suitable mortgage she's on that. Jonah, Hill, she's, awful, silhouette, hourglass anything that she won't. She doesn't gotta ask 10, G's, 10, G's, Brain, . She doesn't gotta carry cash. rubber bands.

She with me dog singing with that on the man, you wonder how she get it I bring the. Thunder man, she called him analyst. Leaving me wonder leg, pause, feeling high it's feeling like the summer. Man, I'm, always on top never going under man.

I'm a demigod. You . Just some fries say, hello to the money. Konnichiwa, super, no cute, konnichiwa, Steven, Oh, cute woman, konnichiwa, see the notes you would.