Parte 3 Trajetória Da Ju Coura, "Voltei Grávida Para O Brasil".

Ivan had the right to separate it I came back, almost burst, but I came back good for the third Park. Ok, sir, who's in the baby pass. The third part, my people have I'm anxious, my God in heaven it's hard to relive, right, conversations, my story now that she soap opera It's worth watching again, huh? It's a lie right No. So where will I do it? My?

People come on. I know, you're curious to know about this moment. Right? When I was almost in the sixth year in England that's, right that ex who was 13 years old, my. Father, didn't, accept the relationship.

He ended up in England, because it will be right. People. I wanted to talk to my friend. She and I still feel something bye kiss. I'm. A fool, no sorry. Guys, let's.

Go on let's, continue. Right. Anyway. I'll summarize. This story very quickly for you who drooling, right, and I don't, really like this subject, but I'm going to tell you. They are my friends. My followers, I, love, you so much.

You want to know that really about my life right? Guys, ok, let's. Go. Anyway, this ruffle. Arrived in England, it turned into that funding, right? But it happened.

My best friend got involved with him, got pregnant with him, that's, right people. And I have from heaven. It was then that I came back to Brazil pregnant, yes. But me I felt very alone in my pregnancy, I was so lucky that when I came back I, went back to look at TAM and who saved my life were my parents, I didn't, even try the relationship until my son was born But. The person wasn't really interested, and I was alone in that period of. The pregnancy, all very well, my parents always supported me there at that time, and I ended up going back to live with my parents and continued.

I carried Carniola I did what I needed in the garden and I stayed working with my parents. When CAU was born, and I really got to decide to end this relationship I'm, just because it wasn't being easy. It was already very difficult. I felt very alone, despised by my partner, But that's, not the case. What matters that I had a family and a lot of support and.

Then I move on with my life, right working with my parents in the garden, but I said now that what I'm going to do I'll, be honest with you guys I saved about 40, 50 thousand reais from England in that time, Ok if you're being honest for you to see little because I, just count right I had about 30 thousand let's suppose. But my father still didn't talk about helping me, right? I lent him the money and I went to work in the garden with them. We built them together. Then the hydroponics we worked a lot in. Hydroponics we worked our asses off. This is gone there with my mother until the two years, but before all that, people, in short, I record and work in the garden, Since when I arrived from England, I helped my parents, they built hydroponics that I show you in Stories for people being able to work together has a better income.

But I looked for this is a planting in the water, right in the pipes of the greenhouses. So I learned about it. And when the tiny car I talked to my father about Google to. Study so I, finished high school I, finished third year and I talked to the father, father I'm going to go to law school, I'm going to try to improve our life, a little more, You know, study if someone has a degree because I never know tomorrow and maybe think about the future, even better for the son, My parents there at first were scared, tell me if you can't handle going to college every day in Cascade I would go back and forth working in the garden in the morning in the afternoon, I would go.

To Cascade my children were with my mother at home and I went back and forth every single day from college tired with mine, full of dirt A lot of people took me out to save she's going to plant a lettuce plant under this nail. There I go, but I, keep working So in this periphery I worked there I continued I made LIES without a percent. And with that money, I managed to get my parents to renovate their kitchen, and we'll go there that delicious kitchen.

You should follow in Stories right? You. Don't. Follow go there that's in my highlights also from Ah, ok. And over time things were from the boyfriend I suffered a lot. Even the little one, right? Calm people, didn't sleep. He cried a lot because my pregnancy is very difficult, very heavy, and I suffered a lot.

I. Just don't want to be studying about it that's because it's over, it's, ok, I got over it. I won, right, I'm, winning every day, but that's.

What I always tell you about it, right? I learned a lot to analyze well who we get involved with, right?. Future, right, I learned a lot there, The main one always listen to your father. So I kept following my life, even though I said, little once in a while I went out I made friends with a pirate. But there OJ judgment was very big. People, single mother with little hair, and it's like that.

But I hadn't seen myself in the city q right away when CAU was three months old I heard a lot from Companheiro that I didn't have beauty that I didn't have a woman's body. Then I participated, right, gave the beauty. Course, you find a photo, I'll, show, you, I participated in the root coil people, I won 33 tracks that night, CAU was only three months old, Then I saw that I had the potential to, I, don't, know, work with a social network to do something I, don't know that poop in my head, but I went to the roots to Bird de Ubirat in the same year far away. And also me sympathy. Popularity was three tracks that year and I participated in this rodeo party with a queen It was exciting, because that way I felt very. Neglected in my pregnancy, very alone, but I got over it one day at a time and God seems to have been blessing me when I finished high school, We Back to the subject of teaching high school finished my high school, getting a LIES without a percent and started studying EA every day to Cascade by bus and back to law people, the law still worked in the morning in the garden in the hot sun there and let's go to work, right and my son, crying, all night.

People deny them it's hard. He cried a lot at night. Me, Wow I cried too because I don't know what else to do luck.

My mother helped me a lot right. My father was always there by my side, my parents, and it was at that time, too CAU was a year old. When I couldn't go out people, I already had self-esteem right there because I was alone with us. He relationship was very difficult for me because people looked at the small son to say who would want to, right And today nowadays, it's, not like that right? Every woman can get married if she has a child right? It. Seems that you're a concept has improved a lot.

But my time is, you had a relationship and about that one I would never assume the relationship with you amigo because I have a son I went through everything. You can imagine and a little more people, But that's. Why every day when I wake up, right, I, tell you motivating phrases that come from the bottom of my heart because I think I'm over myself so much I received so much, and I got over it I want you to get over it too.

Sometimes the difficulty is a. Definition, you have right the date at dawn because she was crying, I arrived. So much that I'm going to do mine, I have 5 years of law school to being able to change my life, maybe living in another city earning a better salary, right? I know, we did, They helped a lot that the garden was wonderful. But it was still very difficult. I, couldn't, possibly get something better.

My son, right, I'm going to take a long time with him in mine house has my own house. It was very difficult. So kauanzinho was almost 3. Years old, and I had promised myself that I would never have a relationship again. I told police, god that us come here. If it is lord bring me something that is not good for me. Please.

Let me finish in college drive away these demons. And let me take care of my son and study and that's what I want my god, please. I am now a person for valuing me, loving and respecting me. And who really loves my son along with me, right?

If you love yourself and I have to show up, it's, ok, otherwise it's all about working. And focusing on my life on my son, my family that is them and spent a week of mine people one week. One week, it seems that God is always Guillermo, I travel, Guess who appeared in my life Guilherme. People want to know more about the story that wants to go to another part of part, 3 of this wonderful story, because it is wonderful, regardless of how difficult it was taught me. So much makes me so much stronger.

And today I can be passing it on to you too for you too to be strong in difficulties and.