Rokinon 14Mm F2.8 Fe E-Mount Full Frame For Sony A7R

Okay, we're looking at I think it's pronounced Robinson lens. This is from Korea believe it or not. This is a fourteen millimeter. 2.8 F, 2.8 lens specifically made for the full-frame email cameras, that's an EFI mount. And this will also work on the NEW cameras. And you won't get 14 millimeters out of it because they'll be in the crop mode. But on the full-frame camera, you get a full 14 millimeter wide angle lenses.

My initial testing shows that it works. Pretty doggone good. And you know, I'm, not super picky on. On lenses as long as the photo looks fantastic I'm.

Happy, I, don't, pixel peep at 100% and look for the flaws that some perfectionists do. But my initial testing shows me that this look works, pretty good. Now again, it's a manual lens.

So you're going to have to adjust the f-stop manually on the lens, which is OK with me and the focus manually, but you're going to get a 14 millimeter wide angle lens for around 320 dollars, some places so very affordable for a lens of this quality. It feels very.Well-made the tolerances and all feel great optically. It seems to be pretty doggone good for the price point. So if you need a wide-angle lens from time to time to shoot building interiors, or if you're at an event, and you need a wider angle of view that 24 to 70 I just took off the widest. It goes is 24 millimeters and there's quite a difference between 24 and 14 millimeters on the wide side. So this will give you much wider field of view should be great for video as well again, if you're in a.

Situation we require that wide angle for video should work great for that as well don't see myself using this that often. But when you need to go wide, you need to go wide and there's, no real substitute for having a wide angle lens available to do that. So let me know how you go wide on your full-frame cameras. And if you search my channel for a 7r you'll, see other videos, I've done relating to this gear. So thanks for watching and follow me on Twitter, twitter.com, slash Craig ship. Thanks bye.