Skyrim ٠ Inigo's Reaction To Race Dovahkiin`s

I wish I could breathe underwater like you right chased my tail at the bottom of the sea for hours. I bet the fish wouldn't laugh at me. You reminded me of my foster father. He was scaly too. I have much respect for your people.

You are lucky. My Armenian friend, it must be nice, not having any hair to comb or fleas to look after your ancestry is interested in a certain light. You look quite even. Then I blink, and you almost look like a word. Maybe that is why you are twice as good-looking as almost.

Everybody else everyone says, Breton are fantastic with magic. Possibly a little of your talent will rub off on me. I hope there are no uncomfortable side effects. Look at us, a Breton and Natalie conjuring, a better world for everyone. We are the stuff of legend. My friend you dark elves are good with magic.

Yes, you handle the fancy stuff, and I'll stick to stabbing people with pointy things. Your skin is a delightful shade. My friend don't, let anyone tell you any different. You are lucky. My dunner friend, I. Wish I was flame retardant, my brother called me retardant, but I am not sure what he meant I'm quite flammable. You are tall and slender, I am muscular and hairy we both have incredible ears though look at us, an catamaran habit, putting the world right together people here will think it is an illusion.

I call it setting a good example, you ultimately are wonderful mages, yes, maybe you can enchant my fleas. They are resistant to damage, but they lack any real battle prowess. Some people say you're kind or.

Snooty, you do not seem snooty to me. It is not your fault. You are better than those opinionated fools. I am better at inflicting damage than restoration.

It is a good thing you imperials are talented at healing. Accidents can happen. You are naturally diplomatic my imperial friend, possibly you could have a word with my fleas. They are quite excitable. They need to calm down. Look at us, an imperial Anasazi, bringing order to the land side by side. We are a credit to civilization.

Do you ever chase your tail?. You can tell me it will go no further. We cat all have a kitten inside. I think I don't molt much here in Skyrim. Do you I used to lose much hair?

But here I seem to need it more. If you ever want a few of my fleas, just let me know, I'm glad you do not hold the racist views shared by many of your kind. We are setting a good example. I do not know how you words, stay warm with so little fur, maybe it is a thirst for battle that boils your blood. You words are enthusiastic warriors.

Mind. You do not injure me. While we are fighting together, accidental murder is hard to live with. I hear your kind has quite the temper I'm surprised. You haven't tried to kill me, yet that is not a suggestion by the way.

Your people get an unfair reputation. I haven't seen, you bite the head of one goat yet so much for reputations. I have much in common with orcs. Furthermore, I respect honor, I enjoy a scrap, and I like strong women you read guards are fantastic warriors. Furthermore, I feel pity and a little embarrassment for those who oppose us. They do.

Not stand a chance look at us a red guard and a habit fighting together to make the world, a safer place. We make heroism stylish my friend sometimes I can almost smell the adrenaline rushing through your veins. I am proud and relieved you are on my side. Your kind can talk to animals.

Yes, could you have a word with my fleas? Please I have asked them to take a day off, but they do not listen to me. I have much in common with the boomer.

I am a tree, loving boat, ranging disease, resistant snake machine. We. Are very similar look at us, a Oscar and habit taming the world together.

We are the stuff of legend. My friend.