Sold Sold 2007 Lance 915 Truck Camper For Sale~Like New~Fiberglass~Used 5 Times And Loaded!!

Hey, guys, thanks for joining us today. Mike here we be autos today. We have a 2007, Lance, it's, a 9:15 it's, nine feet. Six inches, it's, pretty big fully loaded - it's only been used a few times.

Fantastic condition little spot right there for your generator. There's, two awnings. This plastic is still on the carpets on this Rick purchase, new at Pete's, RV, literally, it's been used, maybe five times electronic jacks this bed. This table folds down into a bed.

Plenty of light coming in plenty storage, 3 burners. Stove air conditioning unit microwave CD player double sink TV was also just put in possibly used a few times with integrated DVD and a swing out tilting arm. Nice, big, refrigerator, very nice to nor cold unit, nice size, head, commode, a little tiny, sink and shower also takes an outside shower as well as a full-size bed to me and brand out and use five times guys. Thanks for joining us today. Again.

My name is Mike. You can call us at six three, one, three, three, nine, zero, three, nine, nine, check out more pictures. Information in detail on our main website, - its Waive, autos, calm and feel free to give us a bus.

Thanks a lot and have a great day.