Subnautica Ep12 Lifepod 12, Lifepod 19 & Vehicle Modifaction Station

Other guys, this is Bryson be welcome back to Subnautica play through. This is d12. So after we've got the area jowl and everything else we found a vehicle modification station, it's a beeping OH, so I built two of them just to keep us going, and I've picked a few more resources. So we can now build a modification station, oh it's, not as big as I thought. It was still putting to you anyway. So we should be able to make the Ultrapar glide Oh, Finn upgrades a little with you Cyclops upgrades, that's.

Module sea moth, okay, oh, we can make that need rubies. So we can also make, yes. But I believe you can't, you have to place this inside. Why do I do that when I've got a room that connects their belief you have to place this in the moon pool don't, forget? If you do find yourself enjoying this video, smash that thumbs up button, I'd, really appreciate it.

So let's get this built as well. So common old reinforcements may go. Well, storage that'd, be handy, see more the CMOS, so we're going to need that, so I'm going to go.

Get the parts for that, and then I'll be right back. So now what's the resources, I've Jeff, just upgraded be knifed and upgraded me flippers. So now got the fastest swimming flippers. We've got another radio message. Okay, well, ships. Computers, no, good. Yeah.

Well, we'll, leave that let's see what we can do to the sea moth. Then do we hard to meet hardens chassis before collision, eliminating danger in all conditions or a storage box on it let's reinforce the hole. We'd have to do these twice anyway, purely.

Because we've got two of them, so I believe you put the upgrades in here that one and that one nice, so I should be able to dive deeper. Now, there are that ones there life pod 12 should be able to get to that. Now, these groan, yeah, no after go upstairs. There we go should really dump the resources. I've got just throw them in any random place.

Let's, go, so we're, not doing too badly. We've now got the station's from the last episode set off I've got a few mods on this just won't be pairing, but I think we're. All right this is 250 meters, but it is a good way out easily reaches now. Whereas before it 200 meters and the halt started crushing. Just no good don't. Forget I've already said, if you're enjoying this video you smash that thumbs up one I'd, really appreciate it in any comments or anything as well so live forest again. So do you want to get the cyclops out to go exploring a little further I think I'll use the cyclops to go to the other side of the Aurora because I believe there's a sunken.

Ship or a racket across there, oh great that Anna born shark, whatever is just it means just taking massive damage off. Yeah, perfect something chasing me. Oh yeah, learning a teak wood up from wreck-it. Ralph, wasn't, driving it sweet.

But a PDA there as well, yea hit's, leave that act. No dates a box repulsion, Karen already, Lena anything we're scanning, oh, great. Where's. Sea moth gone.

Where's. The seam off gun, Rasmus, evil. Oh, they're going to get electrocuted.

Yeah, I think I'm just going to hightail it out to me. Then. I'll read that data hates at night, you can't, see sizzle all could look some more rubies while we're in this out here as well. Hey, there, yo, Ones. Whoever put there see that's the only problem at night, I, can't, swear, I, keep on it. Rubies, rubies, rubies. What do we have here silver Oh God here, Alvarez, you can also make a torpedo for the sea moth as well?

So I'm really tempted to make the torpedo I know you can use the gas pods that the little gas balls at the gas Oh pod to kick out, I, actually scanned. One of these blue things can we because what I've been doing is I've been going round on some of these something else that's use type of plants. That's going to be no let's get back to base them. Oh, he's at 300 meters.

So he might be able to actually make that now. Well, just abort, up this hovering of Bob, and then I go down, so I'll get back to base, and then we'll go and hit that one. Now. Now that we've got back to base this is what a something I wanted to show you. So with the other. Exterior plants that I own to actually the exterior plant beds, and I'm, not actually using for that just started to grow some of the local what's up, big, light, that's, damn it's, a light source so started to grow some local stuff like the acid water, ooh, obviously the creep vine, hopefully it's, not gonna it's, not going to retract anything.

Bad do I actually want stalkers here. But you never know, it's like I said, I've just described some random plans. Plus a think it'll make the base. Looks good.

When he's all. Grown give me something like every window. So we need.

Yeah. So we'll get that I'll just go in get some food and water. And then we'll go get that one as well.

So we've come to the Life pod 19, which is 300 meters down. But while we were searching only this couple of racks there's, a microscope in there's, a couple of prong suit arms I think that's anything else there's, obviously, the moon pool fragment in oak thermal plants, there's, the floodlights there are quite a few items here. So where was.

Where was that drop again, there we go. You do have to cut a door on one of them. Hopefully this is going to be okay. I can't. See anything about, oh that's. What I'm after integrating new PDA data, signal, location uploaded to PDA. Just there we go.

So you're going to end this episode don't, forget, if you have enjoyed you smash that thumbs up button, I'd, really appreciate ease, I'm going to get back in and check on the signal locations from that PDA, and I'll see in the next episode. Thanks for watching.