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Lincoln's pennies, certainly make for a fascinating field of study. And even at times a very profitable one, if you can find a rare variety that others have missed and Rapunzel and Marx can without a doubt be easily overlooked by novice collectors, or even an overworked dealer in this video I'd like to explore ten of the top Lincoln penny, re punched mint mark varieties at number. Ten is a very impressive for a punishment mark in the form of the 1960 D over D coin. 1960 is notorious with Lincoln penny. Variety collectors as the sheer number of varieties for this one date can at times be a bit overwhelming this specific type though is found on the large date type with a mint mark very boldly, double towards the northwest.

Now, for some reason that frankly, I will never fully understand. This variety is not that popular with collectors, though most likely it is overshadowed by the more famous small date over large date variety that we will get to a bit later in 2018 and NGC, created example of this. Type was sold at auction for 69 dollars at a grade of M. S, 62 Brown to follow on that I've chosen the 1938.

S, /. S, over s, variety, one of the nicest and the only triple punched mint mark variety to make its way onto this list. The two rep unit marks both landed to the south-east of the initial impression in an early dye state. The variety is spectacular with details of both the initial. And second dreamland marks clearly visible under the final placement.

This variety seems to be fairly easy to obtain or. At least in sufficient quantities to satisfy collector demand. So in 2017 and M, s, 67 red graded coin from NGC sold at auction for two and $11. And from there we go to a decade that probably produced more response meant more varieties than several others combined. The coin I'd like to look at though is the 1956, the over D Lincoln penny.

There are actually many D over D coins for the state, including a few where the initial and secondary impressions are completely separated from each other. But right. Here, I'd like to look at the main variety for now where the mint mark is punched at the northeast of the initial strike with extremely bold, duplication of almost the entire D clearly seen one of these coins in a PCGS holder with a grade of M. S, 67 red was sold in 2014 for one thousand two hundred.

And ninety-two dollars after that. We go back to the 1920s to discovered in 1927, d, / d, variety. One of the unique repugnant. MAPA riot is in the entire series where the second D is actually reaped unshed. Directly to the north of the first this has the unique effect of making it appear.

As though there is a larger D punched over a smaller D. But in reality, it is simply the tomb and marks that line up perfectly on the vertical axis to form this optical illusion. The coin is actually quite desirable. And in 2012, a PCGS graded coin was sold at a grade of ms-64 red-brown for three thousand two hundred and ninety dollars.

The number six slot on this list is inhabited by the in the 1910s over a three punishment. Mark coin, one of two Rapunzel and mark varieties known for this date in this coin. The S is response Tyree Lea to the south Diamond.

Mark is very clearly reposed with virtually every curve of the initial. S, still discernible behind the details of the final mint mark, a very pleasing variety coin. Indeed, in 2016, a PCGS credit coin, labeled as ms-64 red-brown was sold at auction for 517 dollars in the halfway point. And the number five position on this list is the 1946. S, / D coin. And the first / mint mark.

Variety on this list, the remnant of the initial diamond mark can be seen directly to the south of the s, the upper curve of the D as seen inside the upper curve of the S and a straight bar of the D is seen transecting the s to the lower left. Unbelievably, this variety was actually only discovered 50 years after the coin was initially rented just goes to show you that you should never stop hunting for interesting coins in 2014, a coin of this description was sold at auction for 1997 dollars. The. Following coin is one of the most enduringly popular varieties of the entire Lincoln series, the 1909 s over horizontal. S, surrey punishment mark as the name indicates the initial mint. Mark was actually punched horizontally or on its side.

Instead of the right way up the initial mint. Mark does tend to fade quite a bit as the died state of the coin advances. But many these coins have been certified over the years and hi great examples routinely sell for thousands of dollars as in 2017. When an MS 66 + red example of this variety certified by PCGS was sold at auction for eight thousand, two hundred and twenty-five dollars getting closer to the finish line in the number three slot is in 1944, d, / s, / mint mark variety, one of two / mint marks for this date and mint that are widely recognized in this coin. The upper curl of the s can very clearly be seen directly to the north of the final diamond mark again and earlier thy state would be more sought-after for this variety as the. Details would be more impressive in 2017, a PCGS created coin wolf in the signed grade of M. S, 66 red with a green CAC seal was sold at auction for eight thousand two hundred and twenty-five dollars in the second position is a very interesting coin.

Another 1960 coin. But this time it is the 1960 D over D. Small date over large date. This is both a double died office and a rep unit mark at the same time. The coin is very easily spotted by the distinctive doubling effect on the date.

However, closer. Examination does reveal ad that was initially punched very high to the extent that it would actually touch the nine of 1960, a variety that has gained in popularity, a great deal in the past number of years. And in 2013, a PCGS credit coin at a grade of. Ms, sixty-six red was sold at auction for one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars. And so with that we reach the top position on this list. Fifteen nineteen forty-three D over Deary punishment. Mark.

This coin is this strongest example of what. Is, frankly, a bewildering array of response mint mark varieties that do exist for the steal penny. Lee mint. Mark is punched directly to the northeast of the initial impression to a rather dramatic effect, a coin that is always in high demand in 2011.

The PCGS graded. Ms, sixty-seven coin managed to raise. Twenty-one thousand two hundred and seventy-five dollars at auction. Do you have any of these coins in your collection or have you come across any of these while coin roll hunting? Let me know all about.

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