Top 9 Times Spongebob Made You Say ‘Aww” | #Spongebobsaturdays

This grill is not a home. This is not the stove. I know, I would trade it all away if you come back to stay these kitchens, not the same it's. Just a great. Oh, gee, you let's promise, never to fight again. Buddy, yep, a let's go.

Another one look I told your little friend, I, ain't paid for that Wow. This one's on jelly fishing, sorry, Patrick I, can't, I have school. Today. What am I supposed to do I?

Do when you're at school? I don't know? What are you normally doing I'm? Going see you one more time?

So I can tell you. How much I love you if only I could hear you meow, one last time, yeah, I like that Gary you're purring is making it hard to forget. You I, miss. My Easter, Island, head, I, even miss SpongeBob. SpongeBob, Patrick, hi Squidward, oh I'm back I, can't believe it I was in space and I went to the future.

And then I went to the past. And then there was nowhere, but now I'm back. And you don't know how happy I am to see you guys, you don't have to be a baby to get all grandma's love, I know, of course, not no. Yugi will always be my little baby and remember you can kiss your grandma and still be an adult. Thanks grandma.

You cut out my laugh box IAN's, but one of your friends generously allowed us to transplant part of theirs to you. No. They wouldn't pay me even your paintings.

Nobody would take them, so I had to eat them. You can come live with me here. You go Squidward, you sleep in my bed, okay, but just till I get a job one day.

Two days tops nonsense, you stay as long as you need to good night. My little angel. Your love all things SpongeBob like in comment below and don't, forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to never miss a new video here on the SpongeBob official YouTube channel, her.