Wii U Basic Setup

All right we're going over the basic setup of the Wii U before the setup you actually have to get your game pad, and you have to get it plugged into the wall with a wall, mount it's, your little AC adapter that comes with you have to leave this plugged in soon I believe I urge about an hour, but you'll see that light on that light is orange, which means it's still charging after fully charged. The light will go off and shouldn't be too long. Now I put it right there on the cradle like that I'm. Letting the charge, and we're just going over the basic sit up you'll, notice that I have the HDMI cable plugged into the side of my TV I'm, the HDMI cable we'll, just plug in right to the top or to the side of my Wii u.

My sensor bar that I have it sit up red on red plug it is right in like that I'm going to go ahead and put my stands on there, which you'll see at the bottom. So I'll go back and take my pretty plastic covers off. We plug put that into there that into there censor bar just like the. Original we then I have an AC adapter, the big one, which I've already plugged into the wall, simply it's yellow goes right into the yellow, very, very simple setup there. And from that data that point it pretty much works like the regular will you just hit power? It would turn on, and you start to play and all that good stuff. We'll get some more video shot.

Whenever we start playing Mario and Nintendo land, which Mario we did buy extra with the 32 gigabyte, black Wii, U edition. It does come with Nintendo. Land which is the equivalent of Wii Sports, but leave us some comments on the channel. And we'll be making some more videos of us playing the games. Thanks.